Hetas Woodburning Stove Installation

Installation process

1. Survey the site, go over options available to customer

2. A complete quote is drawn up for the job (no extras)

3. Agree a start date

4. Install is completed on agreed dates

5. Light your stove! Easy as that!

What goes into an installation

From the site survey we will know many factors ie condition of chimney what work is needed on fireplace etc. but a Standard installation in an existing fireplace and chimney would generally involve lining the chimney with a stainless flexible liner usually put in from the chimney down and held in place at top by a specific cowl, the bottom of the liner would be connected to a stove pipe adapter which is connected to the stove pipe which is connected to the stove, all sealed using fire cement or equivalent sealant and the fire place is closed off with a closure plate also a Co alarm is fitted and a data plate is secured in the correct position. Obviously there's a bit more to it than that but that's the basic install.

If you don't have a fireplace or chimney, don't worry we can install a bespoke flue system which can go straight up through the house or out an external wall and up. Using what's called a Twin wall flue system, so you can have a wood burner virtually anywhere you like